Clinical Programs

At Gromit Therapeutics we apply a dual go-to-market and R&D strategy. A win-win modern approach, which allows for a cost-efficient, quick-to-market clinical development to help satisfy major unmet needs among patients. 

Human health

Our lead program are focused at Cardiovascular and Pulmonary diseases. First IND is expected within 12-24 months.

Animal health

Our lead programs are focused at Orthopedic, Spinal and Cardiovascular disorders in companion animals. 

An ongoing clinical study enrolled over thirty patients to date, and collected initial evidence of safety and efficacy outcomes, with a follow-up period of over a year. The companion animals enrolled in the studies have exhausted all possible surgical or medical treatments and some were about to be euthanized before successfully treated with Gromit Therapeutics gene therapy. These findings will provide foundation for veterinary drug development and support a number of IND applications for human indications.